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Useful Supporting Documents Divorce/Separation

The following list suggests many of the items which may be useful to support statements or intentions being negotiated in mediation and which should be available for attachments to the Memorandum of Agreement, if applicable. Other items may be added to the list as the need for them becomes apparent.

  • State, federal and intangible tax returns for the last 3 years
  • Financial statements prepared for any lending institution for the past 4 years
  • Bank statements, canceled checks, and check register for the past year
  • Savings account statements, credit union account statements and other records of savings
  • Statements from IRA and/or simular accounts
  • Pension and profit sharing plans
  • Stocks, bonds, stock option information
  • List of investment properties, value, mortgages and any income derived there from
  • Business interests, including partnerships and proprietorships
  • Fringe benefits provided by employment
  • Corporate partnership tax returns for a closely held business in which the party has an interest
  • Medical, dental, life insurance policies along with premiums paid or cash values
  • Specfic information on any real property, including address, fair market value, balance of mortgages, name of institution holding mortgages, payments, date of acquisition, ow title is held, down payment (where money came from) equity position, foreclosure or bankruptcy information
  • Specific information on vehicles and other assets such as boats, collectables, country club memberships, or any items of value.
  • Specific information on all outstanding debts, including mortgages, auto loans, student loans, personal loans, home equity loans, credit cards (secured or unsecured) or overdraft checking
  • Information on bankruptcy proceedings started or completed within the last 2 years, filing dates and terms of bankruptcy discharge
  • Any information on child or spousal support from a previous marriage
  • Any information on any court orders, probations, or restitutions


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