More About BJCCRC


The Community Conflict Resolution Center is always generating new programs to serve the community. As a need arises within the scope of the Center, we will either start a program within the Center or work with another outside agency to coordinate a program to fit a need within the community.

The list below are a few of the programs that are currently offered and some that are in the initial planning phase of completion:

  • Second or third marriage pre-marital coaching
  • College internship in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal mediation
  • Recidivism classes for misdemeanor offenders
  • Change in custody mediation
  • Child support programs for fathers and families.

For a complete listing of mediation services, look in the SERVICES link on this website.

We are always interested in the input from community members. If you have a suggestion for a program that would serve a benefit for people in the area, we would be glad to hear from you. Call our office and make an appointment. If you have a skill that you would like to offer, we would be grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

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