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I started my mediation career as a volunteer mediator as a way to serve the community. I read a statement years ago that stated, " I order to better serve yourself, you must begin by serving others". I find that helping others resolve a problem, allows me to better understand human nature. You have a special skill that you have honed over many years, whether it was real estate sales, customer service, law, accounting or just plain life skills, your skill can be a valuable tool in helping someone solve a problem they have with another person or group.

Mediation is just that. As a volunteer mediator you will receive training that you can use, allowing individuals to discuss their issues while the mediator as a neutral third party assists them in keeping the conversation on track and observing the issue from an outside perspective.

Not all volunteers will want to be mediators. Your skills can be used in the many programs that will be offered.

It gives me great pleasure to see two people who had prior to mediation a conflict they could not resolve, then after mediation shake hands and even though they may not be friends, they were able to solve their difference as adults.

We need volunteers from all walks of life. You can volunteer for a year, volunteer for a week at a time, a day at a time, or on a case by case basis.

If you feel that you would like to volunteer as a mediator, a program director, Board of Director member, or a staff position, contact us by email at or phone at 704-578-6417 to learn more about the Beaufort/Jasper Community Conflict Resolution Center.

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